Saturday, 24 September 2016



      Library plays a very important role in an educational institution. Library supports the institute’s program of study and research.

  • To meet Dr.S.R.Ranganathan’s five laws of library science
  • To encourage all students to work towards reaching their potential, by helping them to become independent & effective learner within Institution and throughout life
  • To support the curriculum of the college
  • To enable students to have information retrieval skills from a wide range of resources including books, magazines, the Internet and CD-ROMs
  • To encourage them to experience success and enjoyment in the use of their library
  • To develop awareness about reading habit &its importance and pleasure
  • To provide opportunity and to encourage all students' educational and recreational reading
  • Five Laws of Library Science:- 
1) Books are for use.
2) Every reader has his/her book.
3) Every book has its reader.
4) Save the time of the reader.
5) Library is a growing organism


Summary of Printed Resources

Total Number of Books                                   -   10822
Total Number of E-Books                               -   100
Total Number of Magazines& Newspaper      -   35
Total Number of CD's                                      -   501                              


     *Circulation Service
*Clipping Service
*Reference Service
*Current Awareness Service
*Inter Library Loan 
*Reprographic Service
*Internet Service
*Information Service